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Pulse! Leadership Council Co-Chairs

Rachele Bouchand - Ascent Private Capital Management of U.S. Bank

"Access to top notch medical care and health is the foundation that allows us to do amazing things in our community."


Bo Lee - BNY Mellon 

"Overlake is an amazing organization that provides premier medical care combined with a compassionate, patient-centered approach. I'm thrilled to be part of the Pulse! program and help engage more people to build a healthier community."


Leadership Council

Brittany F. Barker - Fortin Group

"For over 50 years and across generations Overlake has been supporting families in our Eastside neighborhoods through its commitment to providing outstanding medical care everyday. It is important to me that Overlake is here for another 50 years and beyond as an integral part to the health of our communities. That's why I support Overlake. That's why I joined Pulse!."

Ryan Broms - Tarragon

"My involvement with Pulse! stems from my wife's brush with death and treatment by the doctors at Overlake. Without their rapid diagnosis and treatment plan, she would not be with us today."

Raj C. Butani, MD - Overlake Internal Medicine Associates

"Overlake provides the ultimate combination of top-notch providers and staff, comprehensive cutting-edge medical care and a personalized, service-oriented approach that is rarely seen in modern-day medicine. I feel fortunate to be a part of this unique and thriving medical community, where I know almost all of my medical colleagues personally and would feel fortunate to have any of them care for myself or a family member. As a founding member of Pulse, I am afforded a unique opportunity to share my enthusiasm for the community in which I live AND work!” 

Steve Curran - NWG Real Estate

"As parents of three kids, my wife and I feel very fortunate to have a world class hospital right in our backyard. Overlake is one of the centerpieces of a growing and thriving downtown Bellevue."

Patricia Donnellan - Microsoft

"Exceeding all of my experiences with the medical community on the Eastside, in addition to Overlake being a non-profit hospital, I am forever grateful for the doctors and staff treating my mom's breast cancer and giving me 20+ more precious years with her. And I believe we aren't IN the community, we ARE the community; I will continue to pay it forward with our amazing hospital, a critical component for all of our lives."

Jim Gregson - Parker, Smith & Feek

"I am inspired by the work Overlake does, as well as the challenges it faces.  Now more than ever, community hospitals need our support to provide assistance to those most in need."


Steve Hilbert - Copperstone Partners

"So much of feeling better is state of mind. In addition to treatment a patient needs to feel cared for and nutured. Not only does Overlake Hospital have the best doctors in their respective fields, but they treat patients with respect and care that goes above and beyond just the clinical treatment."

Allison Z. Kollack - Wellspring Group CPAs, PLLC

"I'm excited to be a member of Pulse!. I thoroughly enjoy networking and working with other members of my community. Younger individuals, while being charitable, tend to overlook healthcare facilities as an avenue for their philanthropy in favor of supporting causes more relevant to them at the moment. As the concept of wellness grows, my hope is to raise awareness of the importance of supporting Overlake now to ensure the quality of our healthcare in the future."


Allison Lord - Caliber Home Loans

" 'Be the change that you wish to see in the world' - This statement speaks volumes to me and is why I decided to join the Pulse! Leadership Council. Sitting back and imagining change will not create it. You have to 'Be the Change.' "

ali lord

Gopika Moolgavkar - Envestnet | Tamarac

 "I grew up in Bellevue watching my parents and their contemporaries support and nurture Overlake Hospital into the facility it is today. I joined Pulse! to further my family's commitment to top level medical care and encourage my generation to continue in this tradition."

Tiffany Williams - HUB International Northwest, LLC

“I’m proud to be a member of the Pulse! Leadership Council – my father suffered from a series of 3 heart attacks each of which was treated at various hospitals. His third was treated at Overlake and the care and commitment surpasses any experience we’ve had. It’s now over a month later and we’ve received not only continuous medical attention but personal follow up as well. I am proud to give back to Overlake and its community as they have given so much to me and my family.”



Want to get your business involved? Check out the Pulse! Corporate Mentorship program, an opportunity to feature your commitment to the health and wellness of the Eastside community and involve your staff in community leadership roles.