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Cancer Center Campaign

Rep. Ross Hunter

Representative Ross Hunter

The way I understood it, they were going to kill me and then bring me back from the dead. I was shocked. Not by the treatment option; that seemed like the right call. I was shocked by the fact that this brilliant doctor at Overlake would make the decision to send me to another doctor in another hospital. I was impressed and he was right. I think it is hard for people to say that there is a better option for you. The best part is… that is what they decided.  

So, after the decision to reboot me a nurse from Overlake pulls me aside and tells me I should reconsider running for Congress because I’ll need all my fight for the cancer. Now, my wife says I’m not typically open to suggestion, but I proved her wrong. I followed the nurse’s advice. She was right. 

These are just two examples of how Overlake is uniquely qualified to take care of our community. We need a hospital with this quality people here; not across the lake. And that is why my money is on Overlake.



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