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Cancer Center Campaign - Patient Stories

Paige's Story

Paige Thomson

My grandpa gave the best hugs. His favorite job was being a grandpa. He would brag about my sister and me to anyone who would listen. Every year he made my birthday cake and his famous raspberry jam. 

My grandpa was diagnosed with terminal cancer in the spring. When I came home from college, I wanted to be there with him so I decided my summer job would be to help with his daily care during treatment. 

Even though I just turned 21, the Overlake staff treated me like the other adults. Thanks to Kelly and the staff, I felt we were prepared to make the tough end-of-life decisions as a family. 

I am proud of my grandpa’s fight. I wasn’t ready for him to go but I take comfort that he was in great hands.

Margaret Midkiff

Margaret Midkiff

My cancer had spread everywhere by the time I was diagnosed to my breasts, liver, lungs, bones. I’m a single mom working full time to support my two children.

I tried desperately to get immediate care. The hospitals could see I couldn’t pay outright so they had me fill out paperwork and wait to see if I qualified for assistance. While I waited… weeks… they didn’t offer much hope. “You’re stage 4. There’s not much we can do.” I felt like a number and mine wasn’t big enough.

At Overlake Kelly & Desire rushed me in and said, “Don’t worry. We’ll work on it. Dr. Crossland said, “Let’s start your treatments first.” They put me first.

To have any chance of beating cancer you can’t quit and Overlake never quit! Overlake gave me a reason not to quit. They are the only reason I am still alive today. The people at Overlake are extremely smart, cutting edge, compassionate, kind, loving and in my opinion NOTHING SHORT OF ANGELS!

Casey Grennan

Casey Grennan

My wife Trina makes me feel like a million bucks, but I am not a millionaire. I’ve worked on boats or in construction all my life. And I was caught in a perfect storm. My boss was retiring, my insurance was in question and I was diagnosed with throat cancer. I didn’t know what I was going to do.

Cancer is not something you can just walk away from so whatever it was going to cost I had to face it. I’d had a previous experience at Overlake Hospital and trusted the staff I met. And so, even though I lived in Ballard I decided to go to Overlake. I went and I was compassionately treated. I survived. But it could have ruined me psychologically and financially because there was no way I could pay all those bills.

I’m not sure exactly how but Overlake took care of it. They gave me a second chance at life without crushing debt. I can’t thank you enough. Now I give in the ways that can but if I were to ever win the lottery, you know where a bunch of that money will be going…Overlake.

Rep. Ross Hunter

Representative Ross Hunter

The way I understood it, they were going to kill me and then bring me back from the dead. I was shocked. Not by the treatment option; that seemed like the right call. I was shocked by the fact that this brilliant doctor at Overlake would make the decision to send me to another doctor in another hospital. I was impressed and he was right. I think it is hard for people to say that there is a better option for you. The best part is… that is what they decided. 

So, after the decision to reboot me a nurse from Overlake pulls me aside and tells me I should reconsider running for Congress because I’ll need all my fight for the cancer. Now, my wife says I’m not typically open to suggestion, but I proved her wrong. I followed the nurse’s advice. She was right.

These are just two examples of how Overlake is uniquely qualified to take care of our community. We need a hospital with this quality people here; not across the lake. And that is why my money is on Overlake.

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