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Cancer Center Campaign

Margaret Midkiff

Margaret Midkiff

My cancer had spread everywhere by the time I was diagnosed to my breasts, liver, lungs, bones. I’m a single mom working full time to support my two children. 

I tried desperately to get immediate care. The hospitals could see I couldn’t pay outright so they had me fill out paperwork and wait to see if I qualified for assistance. While I waited… weeks… they didn’t offer much hope. “You’re stage 4. There’s not much we can do.” I felt like a number and mine wasn’t big enough. 

At Overlake Kelly & Desire rushed me in and said, “Don’t worry. We’ll work on it. Dr. Crossland said, “Let’s start your treatments first.” They put me first. 

To have any chance of beating cancer you can’t quit and Overlake never quit! Overlake gave me a reason not to quit. They are the only reason I am still alive today. The people at Overlake are extremely smart, cutting edge, compassionate, kind, loving and in my opinion NOTHING SHORT OF ANGELS!

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