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Charitable Bequests

 The Basics

A charitable bequest is simply a gift you make to a charity through a provision in your will or in a trust with provisions that can be altered or canceled.  Your bequest can take any of several forms:

•   a fixed sum of money

•   one or more particular assets, such as shares of stock

•   some or all of what remains of your estate after making other bequests and paying debts and expenses

•   a gift that is made only under certain circumstances (a “contingent” gift)

Click here for sample bequest language you can review and share with your lawyer.


Why make a bequest?

 •  Simplicity – A bequest is easy to arrange and often involves just a sentence or two.

•   Flexibility – As your financial picture changes, a bequest can be altered, so long as applicable legal requirements are met.

•   Tax savings – If your estate may be subject to federal or state estate taxes, you’ll be pleased to know a charitable bequest is completely deductible.

See an example of a charitable bequest.

If you have a question or wish to get in touch with someone at Overlake regarding a possible planned gift, please contact Stephanie Stewart, Director of Planned Giving, by email or at 425-688-5452.


The information on this website does not constitute legal, financial, tax, or estate planning advice and should not be relied upon as a substitute for such advice. Overlake encourages you to seek the counsel of your own professional advisors and values their involvement as you determine how you would like to proceed.

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