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EHR Integration

EHR Integration is a direct interface from the HIE to the practice’s EHR. It is best for practices with an EHR and those who would like to integrate patient care data directly into the EHR without going to any other system or application to pull results.

Where there are EHR interfaces to the Network, the HIE delivers discrete electronic results and/or documents directly to the patient's electronic health record. Clinical staff can review procedure/test results (discreet data) that are pushed to the EHR real time and linked to the patient’s record. The integration of clinical information from data providers directly into the EHR enhances practice workflow and allows data to be aggregated and trended more easily. Potential for bi-directional sharing of information by Accepting CCDs from Ambulatory vendors to share with the HIE via the Affinity Gateway.

Timeframe for Implementation

EHR Integration is currently being offered and implemented. It takes approximately four months from start to go-live.

Cost for Practice

There is a fee for setting up the interfaces per result type. The fee varies by EHR.

Result Types
  • Transcription
  • Laboratory (general, micro, pathology, blood bank)
  • Radiology (Reports only)
  • Cardiology
Main Features
  • Results are directly loaded into the practices' EHR and attached to the patient’s electronic record.
  • One place for providers to go to see patient results from Overlake.
  • Accept Discrete Results.
  • Results are automatically linked to the patient’s record within the clinics EHR.
  • Does not require a separate log in.
Training Needed

On-site training is provided with the help of the EHR vendor.

Future Capabilities

Incorporating a bi-directional feed to share information from your clinic to the community regardless of the EHR via loading CCDs to ProAccess.

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