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Postpartum Follow-up Program

To ensure the health of mom and baby in the early days, we encourage you to take advantage of our Postpartum Follow-up Program. A mother-baby nurse who specializes in postpartum care will assess baby’s health and mom’s recovery, and address any questions about feeding or baby care.

Making the transition to parenthood is an adjustment and Overlake is here to help you through it. Your family will be scheduled for a visit at the Mom & Baby Care Center within two to three days after you leave the hospital. You’ll meet with a nurse who specializes in mother/baby care. While this visit doesn’t replace the appointment with your physician, the nurse will assess you and your baby’s health and answer any questions about your new life with baby. We strongly urge all of our patients to take advantage of this follow-up visit. Newborn hearing screening is provided at this visit as well.

Your appointment

This appointment is part of your delivery package. Both Mom and baby are seen two to three days after discharge from the hospital. Before discharge, an appointment is arranged for you to be seen at the Mom & Baby Care Center on our campus in Bellevue.

Some of the items covered in your postpartum appointment include:

  • Answers to questions regarding mom and baby.
  • Baby weight check.
  • Baby vital signs.
  • Mom vital signs.
  • Jaundice check.
  • Newborn hearing screening.
  • A feeding plan is determined, if necessary.
  • Referrals to physicians as needed.
  • Schedule follow-up lactation consultation as needed.

While you are still in the hospital, speak with your nurse prior to your discharge to arrange your appointment.