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Mom & Baby Care Center Boutique

Hours & Location

Monday - Saturday

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, call 425-688-5389.

Map & Directions  

The one-stop shop for every new mom and baby. It's even a great option for shower gifts. Every item we carry at the Mom & Baby Care Center Boutique is designed with the new mom and new baby in mind.

Here you will find everything from the practical to the adorable. We carry breast pumps and accessories, lactation supplies, nursing pillows, preemie & newborn clothing, baby gifts, baby carriers, and newborn hats in all styles and colors. New items arrive every week.

Come in and get fitted with a nursing bra, sleep bra, bustier or tank by a certified bra fitter. We have the largest selection of nursing bras and accessories in town and will find the right fit for you. No appointment necessary.

Perinatal Services & Products

Baby Weigh Scales

As a service to new parents, we offer baby weigh scales for your use. Please bring in your baby and we will show you where our weigh scale is located.

At times your nurse will advise you to weigh and record your baby’s weight for a lactation consultant to review.

Hospital-grade baby weigh scales are also available for rental and automatically calculate breast milk intake from pre- and post-feeding weights.

We rent Medela Baby Weigh Scales. For questions about scale rental rates, or to extend your rental, call 425-688-5819.

Maternity Support Belts

These belts are used during pregnancy to help relieve a number of conditions and are completely adjustable. You will experience instant relief from lower back discomfort and instant lift and support of the abdomen with compression.

Postpartum Support Belts

Seeking that sleek pre pregnancy look and/or abdominal support after delivery? Come check out our postpartum support belts. They are perfect for use under clothing and are latex-free.

Sling Fittings

Wearing your baby is an important part of newborn bonding. Buying from the Internet is hazardous as slings must be “fit” specifically to the wearer. Come in and get the right fit from the start. You and your newborn will appreciate it.

We carry a variety of functional and fashionable slings (standard and ring). No appointment is necessary.

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