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Length of Stay

After your baby’s birth, you’ll move to a comfortable private room equipped with a shower, hair dryer, television and free wireless Internet access. There’s also a recliner for your support person to nap in or spend the night.

We encourage you to keep baby in the room with you so that your growing family can get the chance to know each other before going home. Our nursing staff will spend time with you and your baby, teaching you basic infant care such as feeding, diapering and swaddling. When it comes to feeding your baby, all of our Childbirth Center nurses are trained to help you with breastfeeding. There are also lactation consultants available as needed to help you in the hospital and after you and your baby go home.

Your length of stay in the hospital depends on your medical need. Generally, for a normal vaginal birth, moms stay 24 hours after delivery in the hospital. For a normal, uncomplicated C-section, moms generally stay 48 hours before discharge.

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