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Going Home

When you go home, remember, it takes time to recover from pregnancy and birth.

Plan to rest, eat well and spend precious time with your baby. Refer to your Discharge Instructions and clipboard for information.

  • Don’t lift anything heavier than the baby for the first few weeks.
  • Sleep when your baby sleeps.
  • Let someone else do the shopping, vacuuming, cleaning and cooking.
  • Limit housework for the first few weeks.
  • Do NOT drive a car until your doctor says it’s OK, and do not drive while on prescription pain medicine.

Do I need a car seat?

If going home in a vehicle, the law requires you to use an appropriate car seat for your infant. Please bring it with you. We ask that you install it in your car, and learn how it works before you come to the hospital. (Smaller babies may not be able to use a standard car seat. We will discuss this with you if the need arises.)

Consider registering for our free Car Safe Kids class to learn how to select the appropriate car seat and use it properly. Call 425-688-5259 or register online.

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