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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I stay in the Mother Baby Unit?

Usually, after a normal, vaginal birth, moms and babies stay with us for about 24 hours. After an uncomplicated cesarean birth, the stay usually lasts 48 hours. Longer than normal stays are determined by your medical needs and your healthcare provider.

We continue care in the early days after discharge through our Postpartum Follow-up Program at the Women’s Clinic. A follow-up appointment will be made for you and your baby.

Additional information about length of stay.

How can I help reduce germs for my baby?

Keeping hands clean is the best way to avoid illness and sharing germs! Staff and visitors should wash or sanitize their hands before, and after, caring for you or your baby. Sick visitors should stay home! Encourage family and friends to get a flu vaccine and a whooping cough vaccine (Tdap).

Please ask your care providers and visitors in the hospital, "Did you wash or sanitize your hands?" This also applies once you arrive home as visitors ask to hold your baby.

Do you have rules about visitors?

Your visitors are welcome at any time, but please remind family and friends that moms need rest and nursing care during their hospital stay. For safety and to protect patient privacy, we do not allow visitors to linger in hallways. A waiting area for family and friends is located near the reception desk. Other waiting areas are also available throughout the hospital. Please do not leave children unattended.

Additional information about visitors and security.

What about meals?

All of mom’s meals will be provided. Overlake now offers Seasons Dining Room Service during your stay - which includes vegetarian and gluten-free options. Your nurse will provide information about placing meal requests for you and your partner.

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