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Philosophy & Values

We serve patients and their families by providing patient-centered care, which is built on a foundation of knowledge, innovation and human values. At the core of our philosophy lie the following guiding principles:

  • Compassion and empathy: It is our responsibility to provide comprehensive care to our patients. Taking into account not only the uniqueness of each individual patient and their age-specific needs, but providing that care with compassion and empathy.
  • Advocacy: We believe we have responsibility to serve as patient advocates and to implement the¬†Patient's Bill of Rights.
  • Respect: We believe we are responsible to deliver care to our patients with respect regardless of their culture, race or religion. We also have the responsibility to develop courteous working relationships characterized by mutual respect and understanding between our surgical team members.
  • Integrity: We believe it is our responsibility to provide care to our patients in a manner that their privacy and dignity is preserved.
  • Communication: We believe communication between care providers, patients and their families is essential for optimum outcomes.
  • Competency: We believe each individual patient deserves a competent caregiver and it is our responsibility to make sure our staff performs with required competency.
  • Collaboration: We believe collaboration with other healthcare providers in the performance of their functions is critical for assuring continuity of patient care and excellence in practice.
  • Continuous improvement: We believe we have the responsibility to patients and staff to continuously improve our performance. This includes developing educational programs to keep patients, their families and staff informed which requires continuous monitoring and improvement of our care delivery system.
  • Fiscal responsibility: We believe we have the responsibility to provide patient care based on established professional standards while managing cost.
  • Safety: We believe we have the responsibility to provide a safe environment of care to our patients throughout their experience.