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Nutrition Services

  • Infant Nutrition Clinic

Infant Nutrition Clinic


All infants with growth concerns are welcome at the clinic, with a pediatrician’s referral.

For more information, please contact the Outpatient Infant Nutrition Clinic at 425-688-KIDS (5437).

To make an appointment, call 425-688-5700.

Helping little ones thrive and grow

Proper nutrition is critical to the long-term growth of all newborns, but especially for premature infants and low birth-weight babies. Since they don’t accumulate valuable nutrient stores needed for growth that full-term babies do, they have special nutritional needs. For most, un-supplemented breast milk or term formula does not meet these needs.

For example, more than 70 percent of a baby’s bone mass is developed in the last trimester, meaning pre-term infants not only need extra calories and protein, but also extra calcium and phosphorus to build strong bones.

Nutrition counseling and education

Overlake’s Infant Nutrition Clinic provides follow-up support for parents and their newborns after leaving the hospital. Our registered dietitians, certified by the state of Washington and specially trained in neonatal nutrition, help ensure infants achieve their growth potential.

Nutrition counseling is also available for fullterm babies or children who are growing at a slower rate than expected. The nutritionist will provide guidance regarding your child’s development and will determine follow-up appointments on an individual basis.

What you can expect at the clinic

At the Infant Nutrition Clinic, you will learn how to help your baby get back on track to reach their growth potential. The dietitian will address factors that contribute to lack of growth and make recommendations that will greatly benefit your baby.

A nutrition follow-up includes:

  • One-on-one nutrition counseling.
  • Discussion of your baby’s growth and nutrition history.
  • Interpretation of lab results.
  • Recipes tailored to meet your baby’s needs.
  • Recommendations to other services, as needed.

You will receive a feeding plan tailored to your baby’s abilities and your desires about breastfeeding and supplementation (including any needed fortification recipes). A copy of the plan will also be faxed to your pediatrician’s office for your baby’s medical records.