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Medicare Coverage for Blood Glucose Supplies

Medicare covers blood-glucose supplies including test strips, meters and lancets whether you are using diet, medication or insulin to control your diabetes. This includes people who are enrolled in Medicare part B or Medicare managed care. Deductibles and co-pays may apply to this benefit.


To be eligible for coverage you must:

  • Be treated by a physician for diabetes, being seen at least every six months
  • Have your physician provide a written prescription that includes the specific number of strips and lancets needed, whether or not you use insulin and how often you will be testing
  • Have received training to do blood glucose monitoring or are scheduled to be trained.
  • Be capable of using the test results to help you obtain blood-glucose control

Quantity Guidelines

The quantity of test strips and lancets provided depends on your medical needs. The general guidelines provide:

  • For diabetes controlled by diet and exercise or by oral medications you can receive 100 test strips every three months and 100 lancets every three months.
  • For diabetes controlled by insulin you may receive 100 test strips and 100 lancets every month.

To receive more than 100 test strips every three months you must have:

  • Your physician request in writing the need for additional strips
  • Been seen by the treating physician within six months for an evaluation of your diabetes control
  • Your treating physician maintain documentation in your medical record of your blood-glucose results and any changes in your diabetes medication regime
  • Documentation of your need for more test strips that should accompany the Medicare claim form submitted by the pharmacist. Your pharmacist may ask to copy your testing logbook to send in to Medicare with the claim form.

Prescription drugs, insulin and syringes are still not covered under Medicare. If you have any questions, you can call the Medicare toll-free hotline at 1-800-638-6833. For general information, you can also visit the at American Diabetes Association.