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Radiography (X-Ray)

X-rays are a common screening test used to evaluate the joints, the heart and lungs, the abdomen, and the spine. X-rays can show fractures, heart failure, pneumonia, kidney stones, arthritis, and bowel obstructions as well as many other conditions. They are painless, fast, and use very low doses of radiation which makes them a powerful and a safe diagnostic tool. Overlake only employs radiology technologists who are professionally trained, certified and licensed in the state of Washington.  During your X-ray exam, the technologist will position you and give you breathing instructions. Each digital image only takes seconds to obtain from start to finish and is stored digitally, which allows them to be manipulated and processed.  All Overlake radiology technologists use techniques to keep the radiation exposure at the lowest possible level.  As a leader in the field of X-rays, Overlake participates with local training programs to educate future technologists. Overlake’s board certified and fellowship trained radiology physicians have at least six years of training beyond medical school. These physicians are responsible for supervising the technologists and interpreting the images. Typically, the results from your X-ray exam are communicated to your physician shortly after your exam.

A single X-ray exposure exposes the patient to approximately 20 milliroentgens of radiation. As a reference, an individual is exposed to approximately 100 milliroentgens of background radiation each year from sources like the ultraviolet rays of the sun and small traces of radioactive isotopes in the soil.

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  • Please notify the technologist if you are pregnant or could be pregnant.
  • If necessary, you may be asked to change into a hospital gown to eliminate the chance of any clothing material, snaps, buttons, etc., from interfering with the image.
  • You will be asked to remove any jewelry, eyeglasses or any other metal objects.

What to Expect During the Exam

  • Allow 5 to 15 minutes for the procedure.
  • You will lie, sit or be positioned on an X-ray table by the technologist so your body is properly aligned for imaging. You will need to remain still and possibly hold your breath while the X-ray is being taken.
  • You may be repositioned to obtain multiple views.

What to Expect After the Exam

  • Once the images are processed and reviewed to ensure diagnostic quality, you will be free to leave.
  • Your X-rays will be interpreted by an Overlake board certified radiologist who specializes in the specific area of the body imaged during the exam.
  • Your referring physician will receive a report detailing the findings of your exam within 24 hours. You should contact your doctor to discuss the results.

Contact Us

If you would like to schedule an imaging procedure, call 425-688-0100. To speak to a Medical Imaging staff member, call 425-688-5564.