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Our Team

Because each patient is unique, so is each treatment plan, taking into consideration your health, your lifestyle and your personal and family needs. Overlake's Prostate Cancer Program is led by program director, Thomas Takayama, MD, and Radiation Oncology medical director, William Brent Reece, MD.

Using a team approach, Overlake brings together urologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and nurses to collaborate and develop a treatment plan to achieve the best-possible outcome for you. Weekly case conferences allow the team to review each prostate cancer patient's care and progress. And a wide range of support services are available to complement your treatment plan. These include:

  • Oncology Patient Navigator

    Our oncology Patient Navigator, a licensed social worker, can connect you with hospital and community resources to address financial and legal concerns and general assistance needs.

  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

    Overlake’s Outpatient Clinic can offer follow-up physical therapy for incontinence, voiding dysfunction, pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction. A variety of treatment types are used including manual therapy, neuromuscular re-education techniques, biofeedback and behavior training.

  • Nutritional Consults

    Private consultations are available with a registered dietitian to address dietary recommendations or nutritional concerns during and after treatment.

If you need to schedule a screening, contact your physician. To find an Overlake urologist search our online physician directory, or call our physician referral line at 425-688-5211.