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Colorectal Cancer Services

Finding colorectal cancer before symptoms develop can dramatically improve the chance of survival. In fact, colorectal cancer is 80 percent preventable when detected early. Both men and women can develop colorectal cancer and can reduce their risk by regular screenings after the age of 50.

If you or a family member receives a cancer diagnosis, Overlake is here to provide you with expert and compassionate care. We're equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities, leading-edge treatments, and a skilled, multidisciplinary staff, which includes a patient navigator who is available to provide guidance to patients and their families throughout the treatment process. Our Cancer Resource Center offers a wealth of resources and information for patients and their families.

If you need to schedule a screening, contact your physician. To find an Overlake gastroenterologist search our online physician directory, or call our physician referral line at 425-688-5211.