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Our Team

Overlake's breast cancer team is comprised of a variety of specialists including specially-trained mammography and ultrasound breast technologists, dedicated breast radiologists, board-certified breast surgeons, radiation oncologists and other physicians specializing in breast health who provide exceptional patient care. Our Breast Cancer Interdisciplinary Conference meets weekly to discuss patient care and determine the best course of treatment for each patient.

Our oncology social worker/patient navigators are Kelly Brajcich, MSW, OSW-C, and Jenny Racich, MSW, who specialize in women's cancers.  They provide emotional support and teach coping skills to address issues such as the physical and emotional side effects of treatment, which could hinder care. Kelly and Jenny also help newly diagnosed patients and their families talk through their concerns and access a wide range of services and resources. They also helps patients identify and overcome treatment barriers, including transportation, financial and housing issues.

Breast cancer patients may also interact with nutritionists, rehabilitation staff, clinical trials nurses, pastoral care and volunteers at the Cancer Resource Center.

Contact Information

For additional assistance from our oncology social worker/patient navigator who specializes in women's cancers, contact Desiree Hobson at 425-688-5586.

You can also contact the Cancer Resource Center at