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Breast Cancer Services

From diagnosis through treatment, Overlake's Breast Cancer Program provides coordinated, comprehensive care for breast cancer patients.

Our Breast Health Centers provide 100 percent digital mammography, read by a team of dedicated breast radiologists. The Breast Diagnostic Center, designated a Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology, offers a full array of diagnostic imaging services.

If you receive a cancer diagnosis, our multidisciplinary team will work with you to determine the optimal course of treatment, develop an individualized care plan specific to your case, and review and modify the treatment plan in weekly case review meetings. Our treatment team includes the highly-skilled breast surgeons at Overlake Medical Clinics Breast Surgery, expert medical and radiation oncologists, reconstructive surgeons and pathologists.

Overlake Radiation Oncology provides both external beam therapy and breast brachytherapy, an innovative breast cancer therapy that condenses radiation treatment into five days for qualified patients.

Access to breast cancer clinical trials is available to patients who qualify. Patient support services available through our Cancer Resource Center include educational materials, a wig closet, an oncology social worker, support groups and more. In addition, our monthly Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic provides reassurance and support to survivors after treatment is completed.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

To schedule an appointment at the Breast Screening Center or Breast Diagnostic Center, or to schedule your annual mammogram, call 425-688-5985.