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Lung Cancer Team

About Surgery

Overlake's surgery program continues to rank among the best in the area. The surgical suites in the hospital serve the needs of cancer patients, their families and their physicians.

For some types of cancer, a surgeon removes the tumor and any nearby tissue that may contain cancer cells. Sometimes, healthy tissue is also removed around the tumor to help keep the cancer from spreading. Because cancer can spread through the bloodstream or the lymph system, doctors often remove lymph nodes that are near the tumor to see if they contain cancer cells.

Surgery Side Effects

Surgery can cause some side effects depending on the type of operation and your general health. During the first few days after surgery you might have soreness in the wound and nearby tissue. If nerves are cut during the surgery, you may also have some numbness or tingling. These problems usually go away within a few weeks, although some numbness may be permanent. You may also feel tired or weak for a while. It takes time to recover from an operation, especially from major surgery, and how long this takes differs from patient to patient.

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