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Breast Cancer Survivor and Doctor

Patient Stories

Just like no two cancers are alike, each cancer patient has their own unique story about diagnosis, treatment and their journey toward healing. We consider our patients and their loved ones part of the Overlake family. Here you’ll find just a few of the inspiring stories our patients have about their fight against cancer.

Throat Cancer

Mark Swenson had no idea he had throat cancer until his dentist spotted a large tumor during a regular visit. After aggressive treatment with both chemotherapy and radiation, Mark is now cancer free. Read Mark's story in the spring 2010 issue of Healthy Outlook.

Breast Cancer

  • Shelly Egbert credits a routine mammogram and the care she received at Overlake for saving her life. At age 41, the active wife, mother and pharmaceutical rep didn't have any lumps and felt fine - yet her mammogram showed she had breast cancer that had spread rapidly. Thanks to a treatment plan than included surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, today she's cancer-free. Read Shelly's story in the fall 2010 issue of Healthy Outlook.

In Their Own Words

Overlake's cancer care experts and the patients they've treated share their stories with Andrew Schorr of Patient Power. 


  • Mary Clingman, a longtime labor and delivery nurse here at Overlake, had skipped her annual mammogram for several years but felt confident she was healthy. Mary was wrong - she had cancer in one breast and something suspicious in her other breast. Hear how Overlake's breast surgeon, Dr. Kristi Harrington, removed the cancer.
  • Pat S. was diagnosed with breast cancer in August of 2009. She had a mastectomy in November and then underwent chemotherapy. She is upbeat about her future and speaks highly of the care that she has received at Overlake from Dr. Richard Clarfeld. Listen to her story.
  • Listen to the Patient Power Minute featuring Dr. Clarfeld speak about advancements in breast cancer treatment options at Overlake.

Multiple Myeloma

  • Steve Henkel is living a full and active life after Overlake Medical Oncologist, Tanya Wahl, treated his multiple myeloma. Listen to his story.