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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Overlake have cancer support groups?

Yes, we do. Learn more about support groups at Overlake.

Where is the Cancer Resource Center located?

The Cancer Resource Center is located on the first floor of the Overlake Medical Tower on the Overlake campus in Bellevue. You contact the Cancer Resource Center at

Can you send me information on...?

The Cancer Resource Center has an array of information that can be sent to you.

How can I schedule a mammogram?

See scheduling a mammogram

Can you recommend an oncologist?

See our Find a Physician directory, or call our physician referral line at 425-688-5211.

How can I volunteer at the Cancer Center?

There are many opportunities for special volunteers in the Cancer Resource Center. Call the Volunteer Office at 425-688-5552 for more information and to interview for a volunteer position.