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Intelligent Computer-Aided Detection (ICAD)

To ensure your peace of mind, the Overlake Breast Center has invested in the latest technology in computer-aided detection. We proudly offer the innovative MammoReader*, a powerful, Intelligent Computer-aided Detection system that searches for all primary signs of breast cancer.

The MammoReader is similar to having a "second set of eyes" review your mammogram. After your mammogram is performed, a radiologist reviews your films. Then the MammoReader scans your films digitally. A computer analyzes the images for signs of breast cancer. Areas that the MammoReader identifies as suspicious are highlighted for the doctor to review.

This "double read" of the mammogram, once by the radiologist and once by the computer, has been proven to assist in detecting breast cancer earlier.

* MammoReader is a Trademark of iCAD, Inc.

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