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Breast Self Exam

At the same time each month, check for any change in the normal look or feel of your breasts. Look for a lump, hard knot or skin that thickens or dimples. Report any changes to your doctor or nurse. Go for regular breast exams and pap tests, and ask about a mammogram.

Check Your Breasts Using These Steps

Lying down:

  • Place a pillow under your right shoulder. Put your right hand under your head. Check your entire breast area with the finger pads of your left hand. Use small circles and follow an up and down pattern. Use light, medium and firm pressure over each area of your breast. Repeat these steps on your left breast.

Before a mirror:

  • Check for any changes in the shape or look of your breasts. Note any skin or nipple changes such as dimpling or nipple discharge. Inspect your breasts in four steps: arms at side, arms overhead, hands on hips pressing firmly to flex chest muscles and bending forward.

In the shower:

  • Raise you right arm. With soapy hands and finger flat, check your right breast. Use the method described in the "lying down" step. Repeat on your left breast.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

To schedule an appointment at the Breast Screening Center or Breast Diagnostic Center, or to schedule your annual mammogram, call 425-688-5985.