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Treatments & Procedures

Turn to the Bob and Patty Edwards Arrhythmia Center at Overlake for an individual care plan and advanced treatments to help you keep your heart rate under control.

Informed, Personal Care

Rest assured that your Overlake arrhythmia team will take time to help you understand your condition and treatment options. Rely on our support and guidance as you and your family decide on the best care plan for your needs and lifestyle.

Arrhythmia Treatments We Offer

You and your arrhythmia care team may select from a full range of treatment options, including:

  • Medications – Help control your heartbeat, thin your blood to prevent clots, or treat an underlying medical condition.
  • Cardioversion – Uses an electrical shock to reset your heart rhythm.
  • Catheter ablation – Stops abnormal electrical signals by eliminating small amounts of tissue in your heart.
  • Maze procedure (maze surgery) – Creates scar tissue that disrupts abnormal electrical signals.
  • Device therapy – Uses a small electrical device, such as a pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), to monitor and correct your heart rate.

Nationally Recognized Heart Care

Whatever your treatment plan, you can count on safe, efficient, high-quality specialty care because Overlake Medical Center is a Blue Distinction Center Plus (+) for Cardiac Care. This designation from Blue Cross Blue Shield recognizes our expertise and experience, as well as our proven track record for better results—including few complications and hospital readmissions.

Dedicated Electrophysiology Facilities

Take advantage of the specialized services, technology and staff in our two dedicated electrophysiology (EP) labs—the only EP labs on the Eastside. Learn more about our EP labs and enjoy a virtual tour of our arrhythmia center and electrophysiology labs.

Schedule a Consultation

Make an appointment with a board-certified electrophysiologist at the Bob and Patty Edwards Arrhythmia Center at Overlake. Call 425.454.2656 or send us a secure message through ONEChart today.