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Preparing for Your Hospital Stay

Your Valuables

If you arrive at the hospital with any valuables like jewelry or wallets, please send them home with a family member or have them secured in the hospital vault.

It’s understandable that some patients may want to keep a special piece of jewelry on throughout a hospital stay, especially wedding rings. But it’s important to remove rings because they are vulnerable to slipping off if you have lost weight, or rings can actually grow too tight if there is swelling from the extra fluids many patients receive during their stay.


For most patients in the hospital, a hospital gown will be easiest for you to wear. Pajamas, panties and shorts can make it harder for staff to provide the nursing care you need. If you do not have IVs, drains or bulky dressings, you may be able to wear your own nightgowns or nightshirts. Please ask your nurse.

We will provide you with no slip socks to wear in the hospital. If you bring slippers or shoes from home, they should be easy to put on and have rubber soles to prevent slipping. Robes should be short enough so that you won’t trip or catch it on medical equipment. Clothing that opens in the front is easier to put on than pullovers. When you are ready to go home, wear comfortable clothing.


Leave your medications at home, unless your doctor tells you differently. Bring a complete list of your current medications, dosages and times taken. This list should include any over-the-counter, naturopathic or herbal remedies you are taking. Tell us if there are any medications to which you are allergic or intolerant.


You may wish to bring personal toiletries such as deodorant, tooth care items, hair care items, powder, lotion, makeup or a razor.

Medical Equipment

If you have crutches or a walker, label them with your name and bring them with you.