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Going Home


Plan to leave in the morning. This means you need to be dressed, have your personal belongings packed and have transportation arranged. If you will need help with any of these things, ask your nurse. Most of our patients leave the hospital by 11:00 a.m.

Patients are discharged at the Discharge Lobby across from the West Parking Garage and West Entrance.


Patient care staff or trained volunteers will help take you and your belongings to the Discharge Lobby across from the West Parking Garage to meet your transportation. It is our policy to escort patients when leaving the hospital. You may use a wheelchair if you need one.

If you need to arrange special transportation to your home, please let your nurse know. All patients will be discharged through the Discharge Lobby (not the main entrance).

Discharge Planning

If you need help arranging care for after you leave the hospital, ask your nurse to have a discharge planner meet with you or your family.

Take-Home Medications

Upon discharge from the hospital, you may receive prescriptions written by you doctor to take to a pharmacy of choice. You may have your prescriptions conveniently filled at the Walgreens pharmacy on the first floor of the Overlake Medical Tower prior to leaving the Overlake campus.

This pharmacy provides services to all patients and staff of Overlake, clinic patients of the Overlake Medical Tower and members of the Eastside community. It is a full-service, customer-oriented retail pharmacy with prescription services, over-the-counter products, greeting cards and other novelty items. The Walgreens On-site Pharmacy at Overlake is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

If you have any questions, please call the Walgreens pharmacy at 425-688-5958.

Discharge Steps

Your nurse will give you written instructions and talk with you about how to take care of yourself after you leave the hospital. Make sure you or your caregiver understand:

  • Any special instructions about eating and drinking.
  • Activity guidelines (an exercise program or any restrictions on movement or activity).
  • Medications (what to take, when to take it, for how long).
  • How you can expect to feel and how long recovery could take.
  • Pain control.
  • How to care for any incisions, drains or tubes or medical equipment.
  • When to call your doctor

Your Bill

We will mail you an itemized bill within one week after you leave the hospital. If you have questions, please call the Billing Office at 425-688-5124. For your convenience, you can pay your bill online.

If you have insurance, we will bill your insurance for you. If your insurance requires a co-pay, we will collect it before you leave the hospital.