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Meals and Snacks

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Seasons Dining

Room Service

Our goal is to prepare and serve you an appetizing, healthy meal. In December 2009 we launched our Seasons Dining room service program with delicious meals and snacks designed by Registered Dietitians and prepared by professionally trained culinary personnel. Meals are prepared with fresh, organic fruits, vegetables and wholegrain bakery items. If you have a food allergy or intolerance, we will prepare your food accordingly. We also consider any other special diet needs when we prepare your meal.

View a sample Seasons Dining room service menu.

Special Diets

Special diets may be ordered by your physician, such as clear liquids, comfort foods, low-sodium, low-cholesterol or diabetic diets. Some patients find that their physician orders are less restrictive than at home. This is because calories and food intake are an important part of recovery.

For medical reasons (or if you are having surgery or certain tests), food and liquids may be restricted for a period of time. If so, your nurse or doctor will let you know.


Patients can choose from an array of meal choices and food is served anytime between 6:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. There are 12 different menus in all - including heart-healthy, low-sodium and low-fiber options - that reflect the diet your physician ordered for you.

Choose from 12

different menus.


Snacks such as beverages, an artisan cheese plate, tandoori grilled chicken skewers, fresh fruit and pudding are available if you are hungry between meals and do not have any diet restrictions. 


Some medications can change your sense of taste and smell so your food may taste differently than you expect.


If you have questions about your diet, please ask a member of your care team. If needed, a representative from Hospitality Services can speak with you about any special diet needs you have.