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Patient Guide

Thank you for choosing Overlake Medical Center—our talented and dedicated team welcomes you and your family. Throughout my 28 years in health care, I have worked in a number of communities and I couldn’t be more pleased to now have the opportunity to help lead the evolution of health care delivery in one of the most dynamic, rapidly growing and intelligent communities in the country.

I have come to learn about the many ways Overlake serves the Eastside community – through a network of neighborhood clinics, leading edge clinical and surgical care, dedicated Heart and Vascular Center, superior quality care, and work place health screenings – to name a few. 

Everything we do at Overlake is driven by five core values. The acronym we use is “I CARE,” standing for Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence. These important values are reflected every day in our patient-focused, family-centered care, by how we treat you and your family, and even how we interact with each other.

Our goal is to provide you and your family with service that is honest and honorable, demonstrating understanding and empathy when you need it most. You can rest assured that your care at Overlake is being entrusted to a highly experienced, skilled and considerate team of physicians, technicians and nursing staff, all working together to help you heal. They are dedicated to helping lessen your discomfort, speed your recovery time and improve your health.

Your experience at Overlake is extremely important to us. You deserve excellent service that rates a "10." Please let us know if there is any part of your experience we can improve. Backed by the expertise and dedication of our physicians and staff, you have my personal commitment to delivering medical excellence every day.™

With warmest regards,
J. Michael Marsh, President and CEO