Classes - Overlake Hospital Medical Center - Bellevue, WA

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Classes at Overlake

The more you know about your health and safety, the easier it is to lead a healthy lifestyle. We offer classes on a variety of health topics to help you and your family during the many stages of life. 

You can register for all classes online. If you have questions or feel more comfortable registering by phone, please call 425-688-5259. You can also learn about other class registration options.

Please read our inclement weather policy regarding class cancellations.

If you are looking for a support group, please click here.

Fragrance-Free Classrooms

Recognizing that some individuals have sensitivity and/or allergic reactions to various fragrant products, Overlake promotes fragrance-free classrooms.  Please refrain from using fragrant products such as perfume, cologne or scented lotions when attending Overlake classes and/or lectures.

Please Note: Online class enrollment is done via an independent system not affiliated with ONE Chart. If you have a ONE Chart account, it will not connect to our online class enrollment system.