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Published on December 31, 2008

Overlake Announces Move and Expansion of Medical Center Issaquah

Overlake Hospital Medical Center announced plans to move its existing Medical Center Issaquah to a new facility that’s being developed nearby at 5708 East Lake Sammamish Parkway. The new location will provide an improved patient experience and will allow Overlake to consolidate and expand its healthcare services in Issaquah.

Exterior Medical Center 

The new development, called Overlake Center, will feature Overlake as the anchor tenant with its Urgent Care Clinic, Anticoagulation Clinic, Breast Screening Center and Women’s Clinic as well as primary care physician offices and a classroom for community education. Overlake will lease approximately 9,300 square feet in the new facility. According to the developer, the complex will also feature a 24-Hour Fitness and Bartell Drug Store.

"We carefully considered our options and gathered input from physicians and staff," said Craig Hendrickson, Overlake president and CEO. "Moving to a new location, rather than remodeling our existing one, offers the greatest advantages for our patients and our organization."

Interior Center view

"One of the most compelling reasons for this move is the ability to grow and consolidate all of our services in one place. Our new Medical Center Issaquah will offer Urgent Care, primary care and community education in one central facility. This will simplify way finding for patients and streamline operations for staff," said Hendrickson.

"Another key benefit of the new location is the improved visibility, especially for our Urgent Care facility. Patients in need of Urgent Care need to be able to find us fast and get in and out quickly and easily. At our new location, patient access will be greatly improved," said Hendrickson.

The property is being developed by Dale Frank and Associates and was recently granted permits by the City of Issaquah. Construction started in late October and the grand opening date is slated for summer 2009 with an open house scheduled on Thursday, August 6. Overlake’s Medical Center Issaquah will continue operations in its current location until construction of the new facility is completed.